The wedding starts with counting coins

I hate the word budget as it scares me into submission and my great ideas stop there. But for the wedding you need to know what you can afford, what you can and are willing to do without and what you have to scrimp and save for.

The rings are always the most important part of the ceremony but it is not necessary that they take up the entire budget.

As a wedding planner I am able to work within your budget with great cost cutting ideas,


The most important things to budget for are:

1.     Wedding officiate

2.     dress

3.     flowers

4.     cake

5.     food

6.     drink

around these items a great wedding can be planned with any budget, But for a fairytale wedding there are so many add-on’s.


Some add-on’s:

·         photo’s

·         videos

·         lighting

·         car

·         music

·         theme enhancements

If you are a shopaholic we can work with what you have bought for your wedding



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